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Hello 👋 My name is Tomáš and I'm a frontend developer from Prague, currently working on fintech projects for

Do I know everything? Far from it. However, I have more than 10 years of experience in technical positions, and if you're looking for a team member with the potential for rapid growth and the ability to learn constantly, keep reading.


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Here is a sample of several projects I've had the opportunity to work on and are publicly visible. I always use the latest tech stack, emphasizing code quality to ensure the website serves for as long as possible. A polished design and accessibility rules are also crucial to me for the best user experience possible.

Ukázka stránky projektu Akcenta CZ

Akcenta CZ

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New pages for Akcenta CZ as part of the company's identity redesign. The website is built in Next.js, utilizes a headless CMS, and is ready to launch in 8 language versions.

Ukázka stránky projektu

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Landing page for digital agency. I had oporutinity to implement and fine-tune different animations and also create blog during my work on this project.

Ukázka stránky projektu Lynxes


Older demo showcase of an e-shop that leverages all the advantages of the latest tech stack. In the next phase of the project, I plan to refactor codebase and integrate the Stripe payment gateway.

About me

I have experience with a wide range of technologies, including front-end Next.js, React, JavaScript and TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and even full-stack like PostgreSQL, headless CMS and REST APIs.

Do I know everything? Far from it. However, I bring over 10 years of experience from various technical positions. If you're in search of a team member with the potential for rapid growth and a constant willingness to learn, feel free to reach out to me.

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Tomas Lukes


Prague, Czech Republic

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B2 level

Complete CV in PDF format
  1. Frontend developer


    Developing strategic projects for fintech using modern technologies (React, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, and others).

  2. Frontend developer



    Creating projects for various small entrepreneurs and companies as freelancer.

  3. ICT teacher

    ZS Hostynska




    Teaching computer science, implementing programming into the curriculum, supporting the school's transition to digitalization.

  4. Post Production Coordinator

    Czech public TV




    Managing post-production of movies, TV series and documentaries. Ensuring smooth collaboration with departments across the organization.

  5. Audio Engineer

    Czech public TV




    Working with audio equipment (hardware/software), collaboration in delivering the required technical solutions for a given project.

  6. Audiovisual technology

    SPSST Panska




    High school education in a technical field with a diploma, focused on audiovisual technology.

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